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ABRASIVE: Removal System

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ABRA - OUT - Abrasive removal system

COD. FW60025

ABRA - OUT - Abrasive removal systemAbrasive removal system ABRA-OUT

ABRA-OUT it's a very easy system to remove the abrasive from any given waterjet catcher tank. Easy to handle, without 
PLC, levels and gimmicks to handle..

Based over the hydro cyclone principle, is made with a custom modified pump to operate into an aggressive envirenment, a foldable support, a support for the filter and a filter bag.

ABRA-OUT can be used over several waterjet unit can be used over several waterjet unit. Thanks his foldable support it use a very limited amount of space.

ABRA-OUT it's easy to use: drop the custom pump in the catcher....

plug it in a 220VAC socket and let it clean the catcher for you...

You can see ABRA-OUT used over a FLOW machine, instead of the original system....


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