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1 ltre Attenuator FWB 1L [ news ]
We run the first test of our new pressure attenuator!

6250 bar!!!

From April 11 [ news ]
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February, 24 2010 [ news ]
Introduction of MPS-HP
Metal Plasticity System


About us

We produce, on our drawings. We sell spare parts to any end user involved in the technology, from marble, to crash helmets, to automotive interiors, to food machinery. Every were there is a waterjet machine, we feel at home, with our experience.
We've proved to be able to work on any given high pressure system, regardless the original manufacurer.

FENIX engineers have been involved in waterjet application, since 1985. More than 25 years of experience at your service.

All the drawing stage is made in 
3D, using SolidEdge and FEM. 

We build an high pressure pump, which has been choosen from several OEM, both Italians and foreigner.

Fenix Waterjet is located in Busto Garolfo, quite close to Milan-Malpensa airport. Here we've about 6500 square foot, between offices and operative area. 

We have a testing area in-house, able to reach 4500 bar, higher pressure such 6000 bar are available as well, at an external facilty.

To better follow customers needs, we've a mobile service unit, located strategically in the hearth of north Italy.
Recently, we manage to get a TUV certificate over our 4000 bar pressure attenuators, complying with CE 97/23



Fenix Waterjet can support his customer in waterjet application, from humble single spare part, up to a complete system, working as consultant or turn key supplier.

 Crash helmet working isle

 Study over the best combination over orifice jewel and mounting style, to achieve the best results on pure waterjet application
 Fenix Waterjet  is member of:


Any question? just ask. We will do our best for you.
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